Useful tip for the mover

If you are planning to move your washing machine, there are some useful tips you should follow to avoid damage and injury when moving your washing machine. First, you should disconnect the power cord and the water hoses, and drain…

Correct packaging of an upright piano

Iron Horse Relocations Piano packed and sealed picture from back - Ready for relocation 2 Cape Town

There is only one way to pack / wrap an upright piano and that is this way……..The wrapping includes a 3 tier packing process for local removals, White paper bubble wrap SFK (corrugated cardboard) NB! This is only suitable for…

Vehicle Transportation

Iron Horse Relocations Team furniture removal companies moving company Cape Town Vehicle Transportation

 We at Iron Horse Relocations only utilise the services of the best contractors to ensure your vehicles are taken care of from collection to delivery. Contact us today even if it is just a vehicle you need to relocate. Vehicle…

Moving Tip – Shuttle Vehicle

Shuttle Vehicle at origin or destination In today’s times a large section of the population reside within complexes, estates which are very secure for residents but does not always bode well for accessibility of large vehicles such as a household…

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