Choosing Moving Companies for Long Distance Home or Office Moves with Peace of Mind

Whenever relocation is mentioned, it usually leaves people feeling a bit anxious. The thought of spending time to carefully pack household or office items, especially breakable ones, tends to give people the shivers. Nevertheless, relocation is a real and oftentimes inevitable encounter that most of us would experience at least once in our lifetime.

For those needing to decide on choosing the right moving companies for long distance home or office moves, relocation and the choice of provider can seem like a logistical nightmare. But the truth is, relocation of your household – or office contents, even over long distances, does not have to be a cumbersome affair.

Call on Relocation Experts

With the help of relocation experts like Iron Horse Relocations, your company or household relocation can be done in a safe, secure, and highly professional manner.

Iron Horse Relocations are removal and storage experts based in Cape Town. We specialise in the careful relocation of all types of furniture for offices as well as homes over both short to medium (intra and inter-city) and international (overseas) distances. You do not have to bother about the stress of packing up your delicate office or household furniture, as we will relieve you of that stress and handle that chore for you.

Enhanced Furniture Protection with Specialised Packing Materials

In addition, fragile office items will be packed in specialised materials to ensure that they are transported without incident to your new office location.  The specialised packing materials will protect your office furniture from impact loads, chemical attack, corrosion, moisture damage, scratches, and drag marks.  You can be sure that your furniture will not be in a deplorable state after relocation. Your furniture items will be handled with utmost care by our movers during packing, loading, transportation, offloading, and unpacking.

Your Office Furniture is in Safe Hands

It does not matter whether you are moving office around a corner, to a different city or even abroad; Iron Horse Relocations will be on-hand to give you a helping hand. Our team of highly trained, trustworthy, and reliable movers will ensure that every item is accounted for. You do not have to worry about your home or office items going missing.

Security, safety, high quality, and professionalism is what defines us as relocation experts. When next you want to move companies or house, you can be assured of our unrelenting desire to put a wide smile on your face. Your satisfaction is the biggest compliment we can get, because to Iron Horse Relocations you are king.

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