5 Tips to make moving easier

Moving can be stressful, make moving easier by being organized and working with a reputable removal company, you can ensure that your move at least runs smoothly.  When planning your move, the following 5 areas should be considered.


Always ensure that your personal belongings and items such as cell phones, jewelry, sunglasses; cash; passports; air tickets are safely stowed away as these are the type of items that are not covered by All Risks Insurance cover.

Owner Packed Cartons / Boxes

It is important to provide the supervisor of our team a brief description of the contents of owner packed cartons for inventory purposes. It is also very important to remember that owner packed cartons are not covered by insurance. Cartons MUST all be packed by Iron Horse Relocations should it be an international shipment due to Customs requirements.

Pets: make moving easier

It is always a very good idea to relocate your pets a day before the moving team arrives and to have your pets delivered the day after your household contents have been delivered and set up in your new home. Pets do get stressed during the move process. By arranging the aforementioned will really contribute to your pets well being.


Never leave any personal items inside a vehicle when being transported. These items cannot be covered by insurance from the moving company or the vehicle carrier

All Risks Insurance Cover

Should the customer opt to take All Risks Insurance cover through Iron Horse Relocations (the standard for most moving companies) it is of vital importance than a detailed valued inventory list based on new replacement values is compiled and a copy provided by the customer to the moving company. This is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that adequate insurance cover can be provided.

Always utilise the services of a reputable moving company!

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