Moving Tip – Shuttle Vehicle

Shuttle Vehicle at origin or destination

In today’s times a large section of the population reside within complexes, estates which are very secure for residents but does not always bode well for accessibility of large vehicles such as a household moving truck and trailer. It is very important that when a person is relocating homes that they check the access points both at origin and destination and advise the removal company accordingly. There is understandably an additional charge as there is now a second driver and a second vehicle required to transload the furniture from the large vehicle onto the smaller vehicle (tonnage dependent on complex / estate vehicle maximum tonnage allowed). There are inherent risks with this process as the furniture must now go through a double handling process at either collection or delivery points.

The shuttle process is a regular dynamic of the removal process within Cape Town as many of the older suburban areas have narrow streets, cul – de – sacs and streets with overhanging trees. All these factors must be taken into account and is the responsibility of the movee to inform the removal company accordingly. Not only will this assist you the movee with budgeting and avoiding unknown additional costs but will also allow the removal company to adequately plan your removal in terms of timing, vehicle requirements  and labour to ensure a smooth relocation process.

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