Useful tip for the mover

It is important when buying a new front loading washing machine to store the drum stabilisers in a safe place for the following reasons:

When moving a front loading washing machine it is very important that the drum is stabilised to restrict movement of the washing machine drum. This will not only prolong the life of the washer in keeping the drum balanced but also has added benefits when it comes to insurance cover:

  • Mechanical derangement insurance cover cannot be offered if the drum is not properly secured
  • Stabilising the drum is the responsibility of the mover and not the moving company which is the norm in the removal industry.

TIP: Should stabilisers not be available the following can be done to secure the drum:

  • Remove the rear cover and gently stuff a blanket or packing paper in the cavity around the drum to stop it moving (This will guard against movement BUT will not warrant insurance cover for mechanical derangement.
  • Source the correct stabilisers by contacting a local supplier and agent which deals with the particular model / brand of washing machine.